The London mayoral elections and the elections for London Assembly Members are fast approaching.

To vote everyone needs to be registered by the 19th April.

That can be done online.

You can also print of the form and send it in.

The form asks for an NI number but it is possible to register without one.

There is an easy read version of the instructions developed by Mencap.

Once registered people can then apply for a postal vote if they don’t want to vote in person.

The postal vote application has to go to the local authority and the address for all the individual local authority postal vote applications is here.

It was estimated that in the last election over 9 million eligible adults were not registered to vote.

In London many of those were in temporary or insecure rental accommodation.

Those on the lowest income, with the most to lose, are the most likely not to be registered to vote and to believe that they cannot register.

So long as you have some form of address you can register even if you have to re-register at every election.