4 in 10 children in London live in poverty

We believe child poverty can be tackled.

It doesn’t have to exist.

It doesn’t have to be hurting the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.

We are 4in10 London’s Child Poverty Network

We are a London-wide campaigning network of over 400 organisations working to improve the lives of children living in poverty across the capital.

We connect people who care, we highlight best practice that works, share information and keep the spotlight on the damage that poverty is doing to families in London.

If you are keen to amplify the views of children, young people, families and frontline workers, and engage community groups working with low income families across London uncovering and representing the best of the VCS responses to child poverty, across the capital, then JOIN US
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We welcome posts from other organisations and individuals that relate to child and family poverty.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have today released their report into UK-wide poverty.📕

Sadly, London is again the region of UK with the highest level of poverty. 📊

In 2022, we must not let London (and Londoners) be excluded from the #LevellingUp discussion.

At 4in10, London's Child Poverty Network, we have hundreds of inspiring organisations all across London supporting children in and at risk of experiencing poverty.

In this thread, we want to put a spotlight on all their brilliant work!

Up first it's @DoorstepLib!

New report from @theRSAorg shows the toll that economic factors are having on perceptions of our youth's future.

With London being the most expensive UK city to live in, we must offer our children and young people a brighter future.

Full report👇

Living in London with No Recourse to Public funds is an impossible task.

A new report by @CitizensAdvice has shown scale and breadth of the difficulties currently faced.

81% of those living with #NRPF are behind on at least one bill

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