London Challenge Poverty Week

London Challenge Poverty Week is coordinated by 4in10: London’s Child Poverty Network. We also work in partnership with The Poverty Alliance who coordinate Challenge Poverty Week in Scotland and Church Action on Poverty who coordinate Challenge Poverty Week  England and Wales.  

London Challenge Poverty Week provides an annual opportunity to put the spotlight on the reality of poverty in London and to campaign collectively for meaningful change. Through a programme of events and activities, the week brings Londoners together to: 

  • Increase the visibility of the reality of poverty in London; 
  • Encourage positive debate and discussion about poverty; and 
  • Show what is being done to tackle poverty and call for the changes we need to end it. 

London Challenge Poverty Week has grown year-on-year.

Last year, dozens of elected officials, hundreds of organisations held activities, and thousands engaged online to call for a #PovertyFreeLondon 

In 2022, London Challenge Poverty Week will take place from Monday 17th October (the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty) to Sunday 23th October!

Good news!

We are delighted that once again Trust for London have granted us some funding to support events and activities taking place during London Challenge Poverty Week (Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd October 2022).

We want to give that money to smaller voluntary and community organisations to put on events and activities to help make this the most impactful week yet – especially as it is the week’s 5th  anniversary!

If you are interested in applying please click here.


Elected Representative Engagement


In London Challenge Poverty Week 2021 we were happy to see MPs, Councillors, and London Assembly members from across the political spectrum come together to call for a #PovertyFreeLondon

Whilst actions speak louder than words, the engagement from MPs and Councillors speaks to both the recognition of poverty as a significant issue in London and also the desire to change that.

In 2021, it was encouraging to see the Mayor of London engage with London Challenge Poverty week. Together, the Greater London Authority (GLA) and 4in10, London’s Child Poverty Network co-commissioned research into the attitudes and experience of poverty in London. The research, ‘Flying Against Gravity’, revealed critical insights into the current sense of injustice felt by Londoners towards the state of poverty in the capital. Debbie Weekes-Bernard, Deputy Mayor of London, Communities and Social Justice, wrote a foreword to the report and spoke about the Mayor’s response to the findings at the launch event.

A number of elected officials took part in events. These include ‘National Problem, Local Solutions: an event for London borough councillors to learn and share good practice to tackle poverty. Chaired by Cllr. Muhammed Butt, the London Council’s executive member for Welfare, Empowerment and Inclusion, speakers during the event included:
  • Cllr Alice Macdonald, Cabinet Member for Equalities, Neighbourhoods and Leisure, Southwark Council.
  • Cllr Damian White, Leader, Havering Council. 
  • Ellie Kershaw, Tackling Poverty Programme Manager, Tower Hamlets Council.

At the London Child Poverty Summit, Munira Wilson MP (Twickenham), Zack Polanski (London Assembly Member), and Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP (Streatham) featured on a closing panel discussing the causes and solutions to child poverty.

Activities and Events


Dozens of activities and events took place across the most recent London Challenge Poverty Week. Below is just a flavour of what occurred, visit the ‘2021 Story’ page to view all the activities first-hand. Last year the activities included:

  • London Child Poverty Summit
  • Online art exhibition on poverty in London
  • New research on: attitudes and experience of poverty in London, new borough level poverty data, new data on childcare
  • Food growing and cooking workshops
  • A virtual protest
  • Podcasts on single dad’s experience of financial hardship
  • Money Saving workshops
  • A dance piece from a local youth group
  • Poetry to challenge poverty
  • Webinars on financial entitlements (benefits, water discounts, council tax discounts)
  • Blogs on all kinds of issues!

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