London Elections 2022. 
Influence your candidates to take action on child poverty.

The Local Elections can make a difference! View the 2022 Manifesto for a Child Poverty Free London for more and see which prospective councillors have signed the pledge to work towards a child poverty free London. 

Children's Commissioner

The Children’s Commissioner is calling for evidence for a family review on all aspects of modern family life, and how families understand themselves to look at how families can best be supported, with a particular focus on children’s perspectives on family life.




NCVO have launched a campaign called ‘Meeting the challenges of a Cost of Giving Crisis this winter’ which aims to support charities and voluntary organisations through the tough months ahead

London Elections 2022. 
Influence your candidates to take action on child poverty.

We have one month to influence local election candidates and to get them to publicly pledge to working towards a child poverty free  London . We recognise that there are limits to what local councils can do but with a will there are things they can prioritise that make a real difference to London’s children and their families.

We are asking you to identify your local candidates and to tell them about the impact of poverty on the city’s children and what they must do to tackle it. With child poverty rates in London among the highest in the country and many families now facing severe hardship in the face of the cost-of-living crisis, it is a matter of urgency that those seeking election to their local council prioritise tackling child poverty in their communities.

4in10, alongside other organisations in the London Child Poverty Alliance, is asking its members to engage with candidates in these elections to encourage them to sign our pledge to work towards a child poverty free London.

We hope that as a result, on 5th May there will be hundreds of local government elected officials who are better informed about how they can tackle child poverty in the local communities and are ready to take action to do so.

The London Child Poverty Alliance’s Manifesto for a Child Poverty Free London sets out twelve key ‘asks’ that it believes if put into action, would make a significant contribution towards creating a child poverty free London. The asks are focused on four key areas:

  •  Action on income
  •  Action on housing
  •  Action on childcare
  • Action on hunger

The manifesto website provides prospective councillors with good practice examples, local data and further information about how these can be put into practice in their communities. It also contains a signup page where they can publicly commit to work towards a child poverty free London.

Take part in the campaign.

First and foremost, we are asking you to share the manifesto with your staff, volunteers and those you work with and ask them to ask candidates they meet to sign up to the pledge via the manifesto website. If you have the capacity, you could also send manifesto to the candidates in your ward, or across the area where you are based, asking them to sign the pledge.

The easiest way to find out who your local candidates are is to visit the Who Can I Vote For? website and enter your postcode. The entire list will be available from the 6th April. Alternatively, you could contact the local offices of the main political parties to ask them for their contact details.

Also look out for local hustings events going on in your community and if possible attend one. These will provide an opportunity for you to ask the candidates what they plan to do to tackle child poverty, you can use the manifesto to help you decide what to ask. The more focused the question the less chance they have to fudge the answer!

If you need any support or have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be very happy to assist.

Register to vote.

And finally, don’t forget to register to vote and to make sure those you work with are registered too! It is possible to register to vote even without a permanent address. The deadline to apply is 14th April and the deadline for applying for a postal vote is 19th April. Contact your council’s electoral services team for more information.

Useful resources:

Guidance from the Charity Commission on campaigning during election periods 

Support Marsha de Cordova MP's Early Day Motion.

Marsha de Cordova MP has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) 1126 calling for fundamental reform of WCA and PIP assessment in the forthcoming White Paper and to guarantee disabled and seriously unwell people receive the social security they need to live on and cover the additional costs of their disability or condition.

Z2K have been working with Marsha de Cordova on this as part of their #PeopleBeforeProcess campaign and have now launched a write to your MP action to encourage as many MPs as possible to sign the EDM.

They are asking that as many people as possible share the action with their networks and on social media.

Here is the link to Z2K’s launch tweet – please do share:

Survey on Eligibility for Early Years Education for Under 2's



DfE are running a survey on changes to the eligibility criteria for the free early education entitlement for disadvantaged 2-year-olds from households who have no recourse to public funds. Closes on 20th May.

British Institute of Human Rights call for views on the Governments Human Rights Reform proposals.

The British Institute of Human Rights are calling on organisations to respond both individually and collectively to the consultation document on the proposed changes to the Human Rights Act. This impacts on everyone but is a highly complex and very dense consultation document written in ‘legalese’. There is information here on what the changes mean but it is really worth thinking about how the changes could impact on the people you support and your particular areas of interest. Do read Katherine’s blog on this from a 4in10 perspective.

Make misogyny a Hate Crime Campaign

The Fawcett Society are running a campaign of letter writing to MP’s to ask them to support the Newlove Amendment to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, making misogyny a hate crime. This would mean that crimes committed against women because they are women would be recorded and treated as a hate crime.

Young Campaigners Needed


Magic Breakfast are looking for Youth Campaigners aged 14 to 20 who care about child hunger. They will receive training and support to design and lead creative campaigns in support of school breakfast legislation and issues related to child hunger.

Working Chance Better Benefits Campaign

Campaign calling on the government to make vital changes to Universal Credit, so that women with convictions aren’t failed by the system that’s supposed to protect them.

Free School Meals for NRPF Children.

Praxis along with the No Recourse to Public Funds Action Group are focusing on campaigning for free school meals with the following calls: Getting the government to permanently extend free school meals to some groups on No Recourse to Public Funds (currently this extension is only temporary and under review). And then calling for free school meals regardless of immigration status. Links to the campaign are on Praxis social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.


Apply Section 1 of the Equalities Act! 1 for Equality Campaign.


Just Fair and the Equality Trust are asking for support for their 1 for equality campaign urging the Government to put in place the Socio-Economic Duty by commencing Section 1 of the Equality Act. Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010 introduces a socio-economic duty on public bodies that requires them: ‘when making decisions of a strategic nature about how to exercise its functions’ to ‘have due regard to the desirability of exercising them in a way that is designed to reduce the inequalities of outcome which result from socio-economic disadvantage.’

Together With Refugees Campaign Pack

Together with Refugees have produced a campaign pack for organisations wanting to resist the cruelty of the Nationality & Borders Bill and show support for a more compassionate approach. This includes ideas for a Valentines Day (14.02.22) ‘big reveal’ of a campaign of Orange Hearts.


Small Charities Coalition to Close. Take their closing survey.

The Small Charities Coalition (SCC) is  closing down. They have created a questionnaire for both members and non-members of the coalition to tell them what you have valued most about SCC and where  it could have gone further to support and champion small charities. Questionnaire closes on 7th February

Quaker Social Action

Quaker Social Action Funeral Survey


Quaker Social Action’s Down to Earth, funeral costs helpline supports people on low incomes who struggle with funeral costs. They help navigate quotations from funeral directors, claims from the DWP and Social Security Scotland, and grant applications to charities. They are running a survey for anyone who has arranged a funeral in the last three years to help them improve the

Ministry of Justice call for views on the Governments Human Rights Reform proposals.

The government is committed to replacing the Human Rights Act 1998. This consultation seeks views on the government’s proposals to revise the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights. To help them take full account of all potential impacts, including equality impacts, they have published a consultation document. Responses must be in by March 8th.

UCL Champions Research Project on life in temporary housing welcomes new participants.

The project is urgently looking for families living in temporary accommodation for their research into the effect of the pandemic on those families. They are also interested in hearing from professionals who have been supporting families in TA.

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants is seeking survey responses.


Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants are asking supporters to complete a survey to help them plan future work.

Youth Ask.  Support the youth service letter writing campaign.

The campaign are asking young people to write to the Prime Minister demanding more to be spent directly on Youth Services. Of the £500million investment over 5 years promised in September 2019 NONE has been spent. It was re-promised in October 2021 over 3 years but broken down into £173million for the National Citizens Service and £368million for refurbishing youth clubs and buildings or for new buildings leaving almost nothing for the original commitment for staff, training and resources.

London Travel Watch, urgent request to write to your MP's.

London Travel Watch are calling on people to urgently contact their MP’s to ask them to write to the Transport Secretary and the Mayor of London, requesting that they come together to find a solution to TfL’s current funding gap. Funding for Transport for London hangs in the balance, with significant cuts to services on the horizon if they don’t get the funding they need from Government when their current deal runs out on December 11th. TfL said that they may be forced to make 18% cuts to bus routes and 9% cuts to the underground, and halt planned walking and cycling schemes. We are particularly worried about cuts to the bus because so many lower income Londoners rely on it to get to work and education.

Ensure Workers Rights


Citizens Advice is asking the Government to take urgent action to ensure that workers are treated fairly and safely during this unprecedented crisis. Without urgent government action, the jobs crisis risks being faced unequally. This will affect people who have historically faced higher barriers in finding suitable work. Citizens Advice is calling on government to:

  • Put emergency funding into existing enforcement bodies, to ensure people are treated fairly and safely by employers during this unprecedented crisis.

  • Fast-track its plan for setting up a Single Enforcement Body. People need a single point of access where they can go and expect to have their rights enforced.

The young people at Bite Back are looking for school meal stories.

The #SpillTheBeans report has been presented to the UK Government! It talks about how school food is a postcode lottery — depending on where you live, the meals you eat will be better or worse, and those in less affluent areas are usually at a disadvantage. The more evidence they collect, the more power they have. They would like to hear more stories from young people, as decision makers react really positively when hearing about the direct impact on young people’s lives. If you are at school — or know a young person who is – please  ask them to share their story by clicking here. This is their chance to be heard.

Home Office Want Your Views

The Home Office are trying to better understand the needs of migrant victims of domestic abuse with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) and are asking all organisations working in this space to complete a 10 minute survey. Any questions, please email Lucy Makinson

Keep support for 16 and 17 year old children in care.


Every child in care should be guaranteed care up to the age of 18 but new government legislation will leave thousands of children without care every year.

New legislation will ban councils from putting children aged 15 or younger in unregulated accommodation such as bedsits, flats and shared housing.

But, ministers say 16 and 17 year-olds don’t need this protection and they can manage in accommodation where they don’t receive any care. This decision has let down thousands of children and is a serious blow to the many organisations and care experienced people who have been campaigning for better regulation. Please sign the petition.

Citizens Advice UK need your input.

Citizens Advice are working to develop an address and collect service for those with no safe or permanent postal address. They are interested to talk to frontline workers to explore further how this might work.

Inclusion London are collecting evidence to share.

Inclusion London are collecting evidence on how the government complies with the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. Closing 22nd  November.

Survey on Social Prescribing in London.

London Plus have a short survey to gain insight into the demand for social prescribing services in London. Please help  by taking part if you are an organisation involved in social prescribing.

  • #KeeptheLifeline are asking people to text Rishi Sunak.

On a free text number, tell him why he should reinstate the £20 Universal Credit Cut in the Spending Review due at the end of the month.. The number is 45561. If you prefer, the Trussell Trust have an online form to send him a message.

No Child Left Behind Campaign

Calling for signatures to a petition demanding that Free School Meals should be available to all families on Universal Credit.

Demonstration outside parliament.

Refugees Welcome demonstration outside Parliament on 20th October to make our voices heard against the Nationality and Borders Bill and to show support for young refugees and asylum seekers. Meeting point will be at the Nelson Mandela statue. and they will be there from 4pm for a 4.30 start.  Any questions please contact Ryshel.

Association for Young People's Health, Use of Language Survey.

Exploring the topic of young people’s health inequalities. They are asking for help with a survey regarding the use of language and terminology to help identify groups most in need of support within research, policy and practice.

Cinks Survey on new Probation Model Commissioning.

A survey on the new probation model. This survey aims to specifically understand the impact of the commissioning model on the ability of voluntary organisations to engage with the new probation programme.

Independent Review of Children's Social Care.

Independent Review of children’s social care has been published. The researchers now want feedback on the Case for Change and the questions it poses. They have published a workforce engagement plan and have updated their engagement plans for people with lived experience of children’s social care. More information about these opportunities and the review itself is available on the website.

Parentkind and CPAG survey.

Survey on what parents and families think would be most beneficial for them and their children in terms of extended school day activities.

Trade Union Congress Petition on Sick Pay

Calling for signatures to a petition demanding sick pay for all workers without a minimum earnings threshold.

Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity. Evidence for Equality National Survey (EVENS).

EVENS aims to address the equality data gaps. To take part in EVENS, you need to be aged 18 or over and identify as from an ethnic or religious minority group. If you are eligible, you will be sent a link to fill in the survey, or you can take part over the phone

Mayors Office Community Strength Survey

Community Strengths Survey .This will measure community strength across London and offer support, if and where needed.

National Youth Agency, Youth Sector Census.

National Youth Agency are running a National Youth Sector Census and want to hear from all organisations and groups who deliver or support youth services and out of school activities.


Z2K Letters to MP's

Z2K are asking people to write to their MP demanding the promised publication of the consultation on disability benefits, including proposals to reform the assessment processes.

Young Women's Trust Petition

Young Women’s Trust are asking for signatures on a petition regarding the £20 Universal Credit uplift.

Research Request for Parents

University of Southampton is looking for parents (with at least one child aged 16 or under) who may be interested in taking part in a one-to-one research discussion about the way that information on families is collected and used by government and services. To take part or for more information please email.

Redbridge Women and Girls safety survey

Redbridge Council are seeking the views of women and girls living, working, and/or travelling in the borough so that they can understand what steps are needed to take to ensure they feel safe.  Share your views by completing an online survey.

Action for Trustee Racial Diversity

Action for Trustee Racial Diversity seeks to evidence experiences of individuals from Black and Asian backgrounds who are either in their first trustee role, or who have applied successfully or unsuccessfully to become a trustee, or who are interested in becoming a trustee.

Contact Petition

Contact have launched a petition demanding access to Covid vaccine for disabled and vulnerable children.

End Child Poverty Coalition

End Child Poverty Coalition of which 4in10 is a member, is publishing new data giving levels of local child poverty data for every constituency and Local Authority in the UK on 19th May. If you are working with families and young people with lived experience who might be interested in speaking to the media to help get the message out about this new data please let us know.

Never More Needed

Never More Needed Campaign.

The ongoing campaign to get government to recognise the vital role of the voluntary sector and to ensure it is properly funded and supported. The campaign has five main demands:

  1. A targeted programme of support to succeed the coronavirus job retention scheme.
  2. Introduce the Gift Aid Emergency Relief Package
  3. Repurpose and access stranded funds to support charity services
  4. Ensure effective and efficient distribution of the Shared Prosperity Fund
  5. Strengthen long-term financial sustainability of local authorities by increasing core government funding.

Unity Project are Listening

Unity Project are holding ‘listening sessions’ with people living with NRPF and are keen to hear directly from anyone willing to share their stories and to talk about what would make the most positive difference for them. If you have families interested in taking part please contact Mary at Unity.

shelter logo

Shelter Petition

Shelter are asking for signatures on a petition to  government to ensure the new Renters Reform Bill scraps unfair Section 21 evictions and creates a landlord to end the uncertainty of private renting.