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4in10’s brilliant members come in all shapes and sizes! Big or small, London-wide or borough and community-based – we’re proud to be a network of over hundreds of charities, individuals and organisations all committed to London eliminating child poverty.

This page contains a list of our 4in10’s current members – but there is always room for one more! If you’re a charity, individual, organisation (or something in between!) and you’re concerned about rising child poverty in London – join us! 4in10 – London’s Child Poverty Network membership is free and give you access to events, newsletter, 4in10 small grants, and much more.

If you require help, or are supporting someone in financial difficulty in London, visit our Giving Help – Getting Help directory.

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Membership Spotlight Interview

Little Village

Spotlight Interview – Little Village

In this interview, the great team at Little Village share some of their experience and achievements tackling child poverty in London and how you can get involved with their work.

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