Our Work

4in10, London’s Child Poverty Network, co-ordinate and lead a whole host of activities to both support our members and put the policy spotlight on the state of child poverty in London.


4in10 run events both for and collaboratively with our members. From practical, skills-based events to capacity building workshops, we aim to provide a diverse and useful offering for our members. Our recent events have included:

  • Universal Credit Cut: What To Expect and What We Can Do

  • How To Get More Visitors To Your Website!

  • National problem – local solutions: tackling poverty in London boroughs

  • Eviction Ban End: Know Your Rights!

We also run regular 4in10 open Coffee Mornings which provide a space to listen, learn, network, and voice concerns regarding issues linked to child poverty in London



4in10 lead and co-ordinate the London Child Poverty Alliance (LCPA). The LCPA develops policy recommendations and champions practical responses to help reduce child poverty in London.

4in10 also co-ordinates London Challenge Poverty Week. An annual opportunity to intensify efforts on eliminating child poverty from our capital. The week co-ordinates campaigns, events, activities, and ideas from people and organisations all across London during October.

4in10 also supports and amplifies the policy work of its members, this can be found in our Members Activity section.


4in10 conduct a range of research on topics relating to child poverty in London. Our research priorities are is to produce research in which is beneficial for our members and to also support and produce research on subjects that we are informed of by our members.

Our most recent pieces of research include:

  • ‘Flying Against Gravity’ – an exploration into attitudes and experiences of poverty in London in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • ‘Race Poverty and School Exclusions’ – a review of evidence on the disproportionate rate of suspension and exclusions experienced by particular groups.
  • ‘On The Edge: Life For Young Women on Low Incomes in London’ – research into the growing precarity of in work poverty, and the gendered nature of this emerging trend.

If you are a 4in10 member, and you are interested in conducting research – get in touch with 4in10 to see how we may be able to enable or support you.

Amplifying Membership Voices


Day-to-day, 4in10 do all we can to amplify the brilliant work of our members. We do this through:

  • A fortnightly newsletter sharing membership news
  • Our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok)
  • Dedicated website space for members blogs, campaign, views, and activity awareness.
  • Sharing members events and training
  • Providing an informal discussion space in 4in10’s Coffee Mornings