London Child Poverty Alliance

The London Child Poverty Alliance (LCPA), coordinated by 4in10, are a group of organisations committed to tackling child poverty in London.

The LCPA brings together our collective experience and individual organisations’ expertise to develop and champion practical policy solutions to tackle child poverty in London. 

We seek to work with decision-makers at all levels of London government and from all political parties to encourage them to adopt and implement these policies.

For many years we’ve campaigned together for a city free of child poverty and we’ll continue to do this until every child in London is able to enjoy their basic human rights to an adequate standard of living, a warm, safe home and healthy food and are able to reach their full potential. 


Recent Work and Campaigns

Ahead of the elections in May 2022, the LCPA campaigned for all candidates hoping to be elected or re-elected as councillors or mayors to publicly commit to working towards a child poverty free London.

The campaign included a practical manifesto for pledgers, including policy actions within the power of local councils, which can tackle child poverty in their community. This includes policy actions on:

  • Income

  • Housing

  • Childcare

  • Hunger


Past Webinar Recordings

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14th September 2021

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