Bahay Kubo

Provide housing and housing advice for the Philippine Community in London

Alcoholics Anonymous

Offer online and phone support for those worried about their drinking

Alone in London DePaul Charity

For 16-25’s at risk of or experiencing homelessness

Ambitious about Autism

General information and learning resources for autistic children.

Anxiety UK

Have a range of CV-19 specific support and general information about anxiety

Advice for Renters

Legal and welfare rights advice for those in private rented accommodation

Afghan Families Project

Supporting Afghani Families to overcome isolation

AKT (Albert Kennedy Trust)

Supports homeless LGBTQ young people or those at risk of homelessness


Offer a bespoke training and career service for young people from BAME communities

Action on Hearing Loss

Information about how to deal with specific issues such as problems with hearing aids other hearing support