On Saturday 24th September I was  lucky enough to go to Poplar on behalf of 4 in 10 to see for myself the work that one of our members was doing.

Well One have been putting on a series of events between July and September called the Summer of Wellbeing Festivals and this was the last of them.

During this completely free to attend event I got to speak to a large number of different organisations offering advice on subjects as diverse as cancer screening and bike repair.

There were also loads of activities for children, again free, such as a bouncy castle, balance bikes and a personal highlight for me learning to make a flapjack – yum!

When I registered I was given a sheet with a layout of the event on it and entered into a prize draw (if I was able to get stamps from all of they key areas).

Following this map, next took me to the display which explained the proposals for the regeneration of Your future Teviot. 

This was really interesting to study and the level of community engagement that has gone into this project was particularly good to see.

I then explored the health advice area and finally completed a survey on vaccine uptake.

Events such as these, as well providing key information about the future of our communities are much needed to help bring communities together and to provide help and advice.

I really want to thank Well One for the invitation and congratulate them on such a sucesfful event.

I’m looking forward to going again to any future events!