Let’s make as much noise as we can to show opposition to the cut to Universal Credit and what it will mean.

One Conservative MP has said he has heard no concerns about this from his constituents. Let’s change that. They should not be able to say they don’t know of any impact from this decision.

Save the Children Fund have come up with some really useful resources:

  • Web page with info for UC & WTC claimants & writing to their MP
  • Web page with info for legacy benefit claimants & writing to their MP
  • Web page for supporters with write to MP instructions
  • A ‘Campaign guide’ – a guide for smaller organisations or leaders who are keen to get involved. It has details of the campaign, links to assets, write to MP guidance and suggested tweets.

The aim on the day is to:

  • Raise awareness of the cut & how it will impact families
  • Create a twitter buzz that ideally trends
  • Create a space for claimants and people working with them to share how the cut will affect individuals
  • Encourage MPs to show their public support
  • Generate media coverage

To generate as much social media and media action as possible it would be great if we could all tweet our support and share with others about the day and call to action.

With that in mind it would be great to let as many people in your networks know about the day of action and encourage and raise as much awareness of the planned cuts.

The more people make a fuss then the more pressure on the Government to U-turn.

Suggested tweets below but please do feel free to use your own their own with the hashtags #keepthelifeline

Tweet One

The £20 increase has been a lifeline for those both in and out of work. If this is cut, even more children will be pushed into poverty and hardship. #KeepTheLifeline

Tweet two

Millions have relied on the £20 UC top up to buy food and essentials. If this is cut, even more children will be pushed into poverty and hardship. UK government to listen to the growing number of voices expressing support, and abandon plans to cut UC. #KeepTheLifeline

Tweet three

Millions of key worker families who have kept the country going throughout the crisis will be hit very hard by the forthcoming cut to Universal Credit. This isn’t right! join the growing number of voices urging the Government to #KeepTheLifeline

What can you do?

  • Tweet on the day about the KTL campaign using the hashtag #keepthelifeline
  • Ask your networks (members, allies, supporters) to tweet on the day using the hashtag #keepTheLifeline
  • Ask Conservative MPs and high-profile supporters to tweet out their support using the hashtag #keepthelifeline

Thanks to Joseph Rowntree Foundation for coordinating the campaign and to all the organisations involved. Let’s get this stopped!